Thread Boutique displays all your beautiful threads in a protective,  organized and efficient way. It accommodates various sized spools.  Comparatively with the old fashion peg rack, being of near dimension, 18″ x 24″, they both house approximately the same amount.  Anywhere from 117 to 124 spools or more depending on spool sizes.  Please note that this is not a rod or dowel system.

*Dimensions for the Original Thread Boutique size are an approximation: 17 1/2″ wide x 24″ long x 2″ deep. This is a hand crafted item so there will be a +/- 1/2″ variance in the dimensions.

*Unit is constructed with plastic, bare sanded plywood and pine wood frame.  There will be naturally occurring imperfections in the wood and plastic.  The plastic tray is a specific flex and thickness.

*Lightweight design to keep shipping costs to a minimum. A single unit weighs approx. 5-6 lbs. with packaging.

*Original Thread Boutique features 13 trays uniquely designed to hold spools with a diameter range of 1″ to 1 1/2″ . One small tray located at the bottom specifically designed to accommodate bobbins and/or thinner type spools with a diameter of 1″ and under. Thread Boutique can now accommodate larger spool(cones) sizes in a new large design or in a Custom design order. See Price and Purchasing page for these products.

*Thread is held securely in the uniquely designed tray that also protects thread from excessive dust accumulating on the top of spool.

*Unit comes fully assembled with 2 drilled holes ready for hanging. Although, it can be easily stored behind furniture, in a closet or transported, thread is held secure. Combination units come with 4 drilled holes.

All your threads are completely visible, they snap into the uniquely designed trays, are held securely and are easily accessed. It keeps you organized and efficient. Finger space is needed in each row in order to retrieve the thread, so don’t try to squeeze in another spool into the row.

For those of you who are very particular about dust, Thread Boutique’s design easily lends itself to extra protection. Buy some clear plastic vinyl and cut to shape, tack it at the top corners. Your threads are still completely visible and accessible. See pic below. And if you’re concerned about light then attach a piece of dark vinyl.

Thread Boutique was specifically designed for thread but is very versatile. Great as a craft display, accommodating many other craft items. Please view Gallery page pictures for the craft paint display, nail polish display and spice display, all are Original size. Essential oils display is customized.  The possibilities are endless.

Original Thread Boutique only requires a frame on 2 sides to function. Additional framing can be added to create a full frame picturesque look. Please see Custom page for costs.

Thread Boutique appears simply but required a great deal of research and design. Please keep in mind that I am a seamstress/quilter not a carpenter and this is a handcrafted item.  The frame is not the focal point of Thread Boutique.  It is about the design, protection, functionality and display of your thread.

Treat yourself and your thread better. Update your thread rack, get organized and enjoy gazing at all your beautiful thread.

Go from this old way                                             to a new and improved system.



Original Thread Boutique with vinyl cover.
Thread Boutique with vinyl cover.  Reference only. Not for sale.