Frequently asked questions. 


Most popular question: How do you get the thread spools out?

Answer: You just pluck them off, grab them. It looks as if they are suspended on a rod or dowel.  This is not a rod or dowel system.  They are sitting snugly in a uniquely designed flexible plastic tray.  See Home page video, scroll to bottom of Home page to view.


Does Thread Boutique have to be mounted on a wall?

Answer: No. It can be stored behind a door, in a closet, under your bed, leaned up against a wall, sitting on a shelf or anywhere it fits.  Spools will stay in tact, as long as you follow instructions regarding the size of your spools for the size of your tray.  There are drilled holes provided for your hanging convenience.


Does Thread Boutique come with screws?

Answer: No, hardware is not included. Drilled holes are provided for your convenience.  You supply you own hardware according to the type of walls you have, if you decide to hang it. 


Why doesn’t it have a frame all the way around?

Answer: Thread Boutique does not require a full frame to function. Aesthetically it would be nice but adding more frame adds more labor and costs. In order to keep costs to a minimum a partial frame was eliminated.  Once you load it with your colorful thread you won’t even notice the frame.  Although, there is one full frame style listed and available on the website at an additional cost. 


Can I paint my Thread Boutique?

Answer: Yes, but you may have to sand off the light finish on the frame.  Also, the front facing and outside frame is the only paintable part, you cannot access the inner frame and base under the trays. You can request a custom white paint for an additional $25.00.  Contact Rita at ThreadBoutique.org@gmail.com


Can I flip my Thread Boutique and use it in a vertical manner?

Answer: Yes.  Although, when used in this manner the other thread spools do not stay in place. When you pull a spool out the others will move down, much like a dispenser.


Why can’t I put larger spools than what is recommended?

Answer: If you insert larger items than the suggested limit for the trays you risk stretching out the trays beyond their capacity, they then may no longer hold the suggested size securely.


Does Thread Boutique come with thread?

Answer: No, thread is not included. You supply your own thread.  Thread spools are used for pictures so you can see how the product works.  Otherwise it’s difficult to understand this new concept.