My name is Rita and I have been a seamstress for 30+ years and quilting for 15+ years. I’ve been using my regular old thread rack, you know, that dust collector with the pegs, on the walls of my sewing room. For years I’ve been straining my neck to view the colors of the threads from the side angle and frustrated in not being able to see the true colors, only the tops of the spools, unless I take the thread off the peg to see its true color. I kept thinking there has to be a better way. I’ve searched the web for years looking for what I wanted but they all seemed to be the same. I have been envisioning a solution in my head for a long time about how I wanted to see the thread colors. Just like at the fabric stores where you hold the fabric in front of the thread display to see if they match. This is what I wanted but just wasn’t sure how to create it. I finally started to play with different components until I found something that would work.

I absolutely love my Thread Boutique! It has become an essential tool and a stunning piece of artwork on my walls.  Since I’ve made it, my work space is more efficient and functional. My thread selection process is easier to find and match colors to fabrics. I’m motivated to put my thread back where it belongs.  They look absolutely gorgeous and are literally at my fingertips!

Unfortunately, the one I made for myself is too large to market and sell. So I created a smaller version that will accommodate the weekend sewist, seamstress, quilter, or someone that may not have a need for a whole wall worth of thread.

It has been a labor of love.  I hope you enjoy your Thread Boutique as much as I do! 



My custom pieces.